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   Daflog LTD - Medias is the only Romanian company which offers mudlogging services using a technology based on its own resources. The priority of our staff is:

  • to perform tasks in a responsible and professional way
  • to take action in solving the geological problems
  • to know and satisfy all demands of our clients during the whole collaboration period.

   We are being constantly concerned to improve the technology, to innovate and, at the same time, to strenghten the knowledge and the abilities of our own employees. We organise the process in such way that the efficiency, the quality as well as the satisfaction of the client should be guaranteed.

We offer our Daflog clients:

  • A system able to monitor, get and convey the drilling parameters, the drilling fluid parameters and of the gases from the drilling fluid in order to perfect the drilling process, but also to ensure safety both to the rig and the personnel.
  • Units specially provided with reliable equipments where our engineers work, a well-trained staff, divided in teams made up from the unit manager the engineers in geology and if needed, personnel specialized in the maintenance of the equipment.
  • The Daflog personnel ensures during the whole drilling process the catching, the geological description and the preservation of the samples and also writes down and sends daily a geological report and the logs of the explored rocks.

   Among the companies that offer geological services, our service is perfectly able to continuously monitor, give relevant information and record the geological formations explored during the drilling process.

   Another concern of our company is to offer all these services at an atractive and fair price. Our main goal is to successfully continue our activity as an efficient and flexible company as far as our clients are concerned.

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