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   Daflog LTD, Medias, Romania, was set up in february 2005 based on the structure and the personnel of the Geological Department of Dafora SA Medias.

   Daflog starts its activity using the experience of 18 years and more than 200 wells monitored between 1990 and 2008 in countries such as Romania, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and Ukraine. Daflog's mission is to offer support to the oil and gas companies in order to ensure the well safety, support in gathering full and complete information during the whole drilling process as well as the safe stocking of all these data.

   With the help of Mudlogging Units on the site, we monitor the drilling process of the hydrocarbons wells, we also gather and stock all the data concerning geology, drilling parameters and gas shows.

   It is our main concern that all data should be complete and of high quality. We analyse and interpret the data and we also provide information regarding all drilling abnormalities and difficulties that occur or may occur during the drilling process.

   We also pay attention to the fact that our staff should be carefully selected and properly trained. We choose with responsibility the technology that should help our engineers play their role successfully during the drilling process. We make sure that the Daflog personnel should have everything they need in order to complete their tasks efficiently, in order to have protection and safety at work and also to ensure the quality of the final product.