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   We are aware that staff is the most valuable resource to us. With an average age of 31 years and average experience of 5 years (middle of 2014), the Daflog staff succeeded to accumulate sets of knowledge and skills necessary to successfully finalized any challenge from a client. The personnel operating on the mud-logging cabins have permanent training programs, well defined and organized within company, but also in the site.

   Depending on the complexity of the project, Daflog can provide trained personnel, standard mud-logging service but also geologists and engineers with extensive experience and skills in the interpretation of geophysical diagrams, fluids flow in pores, the delimitation of gas-traps, as follows:

   Preparation and experience gained in the site are evaluated regularly. Their own progress and work allows them to receive both professional satisfaction and reward in line with efforts.


   A simple statistics can be found by clicking here: year  2008